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Ukraine crisis: Separatists reject diplomatic deal, refuse to disarm

18 Apr 20:59 pm IST

Ukraine said the drive to root the separatists out would continue and warned it could take "more concrete actions" next week if they do not back down.

Despite diplomatic deal separatists in east Ukraine stay put

18 Apr 15:08 pm IST

Enacting the agreement on the ground though will be difficult, because of the deep mistrust between the pro-Russian groups and the Western-backed government in Kiev

Ukrainian troops kill three pro-Russian militants, repel attack

17 Apr 12:59 pm IST

Ukraine crisis: Pro-Russian gunmen storm Mayor's office in east

16 Apr 15:22 pm IST

Ukrainian combat vehicles in east fly Russian flag

16 Apr 15:07 pm IST

Ukraine crisis: Govt tightens grip on eastern town before talks

16 Apr 14:21 pm IST

Ukraine leader announces anti-terror operation in east

15 Apr 15:14 pm IST

Ukraine asks for UN peacekeepers amid fears Russia may veto demand

14 Apr 20:47 pm IST

Ukraine's pro-Russia separatists allow 56 hostages to leave

09 Apr 12:35 pm IST

UK asks EU to prepare more sanctions options against Russia

04 Apr 20:11 pm IST