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#Imran Khan

Photos: Aamir Khan, Imran celebrate Eid along with family

29 Jul 17:33 pm IST

Aamir Khan celebrated Eid at his residence along with his family. His nephew actor Imran Khan was part of the celebrations. Here are some images.

Meet Imara Malik Khan, Imran and Avantika's daughter

17 Jun 13:07 pm IST

Khan and Malik became the parents to a baby girl on 9 June. Imran's wife Avantika gave birth to a baby girl this morning at a suburban hospital in Mumbai

Aww moment: Imran Khan makes a picture perfect dad

12 Jun 18:18 pm IST

Imran, Avantika are extremely dear to me: Karan Johar

26 May 17:42 pm IST

Siddharth replaces Imran Khan in Motwane's Bhavesh Joshi

13 Apr 21:56 pm IST

Indian animated films lack in terms of budget: Sonakshi

09 Apr 17:59 pm IST

Imran refuses to reveal the reason for his ouster from Vikramaditya's film

08 Apr 16:50 pm IST

Avantika is cranky because of her pregnancy: Imran Khan

07 Apr 22:41 pm IST

Keep my fee low, so films can recover: Imran Khan

06 Apr 15:39 pm IST

Photos: Family attends Imran Khan-Avantika Mallik's baby shower

05 Apr 16:46 pm IST