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Reddy dares Centre to table AP-reorganisation Bill in same form

N Kiran Kumar Reddy today challenged Centre to place the AP Reorganisation Bill 2013 in Parliament in the same form it was referred to the state Legislature.

N Kiran Kumar Reddy. AFP image

29 Jan 16:59 pm IST


Hyderabad:Raising the pitch of his attack onCentre, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddytoday challenged it to place the AP Reorganisation Bill 2013in Parliament in the same form it was referred to the stateLegislature.

"I challenge them to put the same Bill, which theyreferred to us, in Parliament. If it is accepted, I will getaway from politics," Kiran Kumar challenged.

In an informal talk with reporters this afternoon, theChief Minister noted that the Bill in its present form wouldnot even be admitted in Parliament.

He alleged that the Central government "deceived" thePresident by sending an in-comprehensive Bill to him."The President doesn't scrutinise the Bill. Its theMinistry of Home Affairs and the Law Ministry that scrutinisethe Bill," he said in reply to a question.

Kiran justified his request to the President to givethree more weeks time for the state Legislature to discuss theBill and express its views."Is it justified to return the Bill when only 86 outof 280 MLAs spoke and expressed their views," he asked.


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