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Five point someone leader: Modi does a Chetan Bhagat

The language, themes, and cadence of Narendra Modi's speech in SRCC could have been ripped straight from the pages of youngistan's other great hero: Chetan Bhagat.

Narendra Modi at the SRCC lecture. PTI.

by Lakshmi Chaudhry 07 Feb 14:44 pm IST


He came, he spoke, he conquered. Narendra Modi's speech to an adoring audience at the Shri Ram College of Commerce was a master class in public relations. Everything from the venue to the audience was carefully selected to convey his new avatar as youngistan's hriday samrat.

"Modi struck a chord with the youngsters - some of who are expected to land jobs with astronomical pay in the country and abroad - by riding a wave of college-canteen one-liners, management evangelism usually found in self-help books, national pride and a blackout of unpleasant home truths," notes a caustic Radhika Ramaseshan in The Telegraph, getting it almost right.

Modi spouted biz school gyaan, yes, but of a more fictional kind, the kind popularised by youngistan's other great hero: Chetan Bhagat. The language, themes, and cadence of the speech could have been ripped straight from the pages of a CB novel.

Young people are awesome!

One of the key secrets of Bhagat's success is the constant pandering to his young audience's ego. The message over and again is that India will be 'saved' by its fabulously intelligent, creative and progressive youth, rescued from the clutches of older generations who have long outlived their use-by date. Modi was no less eager to curry favour with his "friends," aka India's number one asset.

The ambassador of a nation asked me what major challenges India faces and I said the biggest one is how we use opportunity. When asked what the opportunity was, I said the youth. Europe buddha ho chuka hai, China buddha ho chuka hai.

There was plenty more where that came from: "To me the young are not new-age voters. They represent new-age power."

Bhagat rode the 'demographic dividend' to great success. So why not NaMo....
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