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Dear Mumbai Police, can I buy you a cup of tea?

A group of Mizos were abused by a Mumbai Police official on Sunday. Kima, one among those, offers to sit down with the policeman over delicious tea or coffee and talk about all the misconceptions he may have about Northeasteners.

26 Mar 14:55 pm IST


a dent on my faith in the police. And that puts me in a quandary because I don't know what to do now - Shall I file a complaint at a Police Station or shall I just ignore it knowing nothing will ever happen? And then wait for the cop to have an outburst on some other poor Northeasterner maybe tomorrow or day after tomorrow?

Thinking about it for some time, I now know exactly what I must do. Let's do away with all the anger and hurt and pain. Let's reconcile. Let's do it the Norwegian way.

So here is me, Kima, cordially inviting the police officer who was driving MH 01 BA 1089 on 24 March, 2013 around six in the evening near Hanging Garden for a cup of tea or coffee. The drinks are on me. Location, preferably around Bandra, you name the date and time. If communication is going to be a problem, I can always bring one of my Maharastrian friends along as a translator.

We'll discuss about this issue, about why you might hate Nepalis or people from the Northeast in general, or maybe about how all this was just a big misunderstanding and we misheard what you actually shouted (but yes, we definitely heard 'Nepali' and 'Kathmandu', so no matter what the context was, itwasn'tright). I'd love to tell you about the beautiful Northeast and its beautiful people, and how there are so many of us INDIANS with Mongoloid features and we are not Nepalis.

Of course we may all have different problems back home but here in Mumbai, most of us are law abiding citizens who pay our taxes regularly and try not to be a nuisance to the public. Yes, we are all aware of how different we look, the contrast in our cultures and traditions, the things that we like and don't. You think it is easy for most of us to live here, work here, study here, everyday among a group of people so different from us? And yet, most of us have no other choice but to struggle and stay....
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