Mallika's curling out hot, hot jalebis

Rubina A Khan
Jun 15, 2011 9:08 IST

Mallika's curling out hot, hot jalebis

Mallika Sherawat's bodacious curves belie the fact that she has ever eaten a jalebi, let alone make one. But because her next item song is called Jalebi Bai in the Indra Kumar film, Double Dhamaal, she has turned to the sweet with a vengeance.

On last count, she was distributing dripping jalebis to everyone on her film set. But on Tuesday, she actually made them herself at Puranmals in Juhu. Director Indra Kumar accompanied the hot star in the jalebi-making process. Mallika struck poses with the curly delights ensuring she looked hotter than them, which she did.

Did she eat her handmade jalebis? Sure, but only on Indra's behest as he fed her a piece. That's an extra hour of yoga and pilates for the actress.

First Published On : Jun 15, 2011 09:08 IST


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