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Krrish 3 review: Krraash landing for Hrithik, Vivek, Priyanka and Kangana

Mihir Fadnavis - 01 Nov 07:25 am IST

Mihir Fadnavis Mihir Fadnavis

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For some bizarre reason, Hrithik, who is in fact a massive talent, spasms and quivers his face every time he wears his Krrish costume and flies. Does the cold wind of Mumbai's stratosphere make him shudder?

b) Costumes and sets that look like they were recycled from Alif Laila. A lot of buildings collapse and crumble like the 1950s' Japanese Godzilla movies.

c) Songs written and choreographed to give the impression of a mammoth collision of various terrible components from 90s' Bollywood.

d) Action choreography and editing that makes Ajooba look modern and stylish. Shyam Benegal has directed better action scenes than those found in Krrish 3.

e) More product placements than you can count. A big experiment that Krrish's Scientist Papa does with lights has a prism branded 'Flair Pens'. In another scene, Hrithik and Priyanka literally walk into a frame from either side and the camera focuses on two prominent brand hoardings instead of their faces.

Astoundingly, Krrish 3 is able to showcase CGI that seems to have been created using MS Paint. Seriously, the special effects in this movie make Ra.One and Aditya 369 look like the works of Stanley Kubrick and Ingmar Bergman.

One wonders if Rakesh Roshan has seen Rajinikanth's Enthiran, because a film that arrives three years after Enthiran should be more action packed and imaginative. But the soulless action set pieces in Krrish 3 just sit there, lazily trying to dazzle you with shrieking stupidity. Oberoi, who is initially a combo of Professor X and Magneto, later wears a metallic costume that looks like it was bought from a clearance sale at a Halloween store. Think Shaquille O' Neal from Steel, but infinitely more ridiculous - that is what Oberoi's 'scary villain' looks like in Krrish 3. The poor guy looks even more amusingly ludicrous during the flying and landing scenes because the CGI is almost worse than the croma from Superman of Malegaon.

Kangana Ranaut, who is smart and candid in person, is given perhaps the....
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